Thursday, February 08, 2007

If you read it on the Internet, it must be true!

More stupid people today. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's my detergent and I'm producing pheremones.

This woman comes up and wants to know about the "Store-to-Store Shipping Program."

I'm like "Ma'am, we don't have a program like that. Can you tell me exactly what you're talking about?" Boy, they really get agitated when you tell them they're stupid in not so many words.

She pops off and gets worked up fast. "Yes you do. I saw it on You can go to any store, pay for an item, and have it shipped to another store for free! I know you have this and want to ship a toolbox to my son in Virginia." If we did have this, imagine the horror!

Whoa! "Ma'am. I think you may be mistaken. There is a program where you can order items off and have them shipped to certain stores, but that is only available in certain areas of the country. And that program is not available in this state."

Her: "Yes it is. I know what I read. And I want to buy an item at this store and have you ship it to Virginia. For free."

Here we go again. "Ma'am, we don't have any such program. You can order the item off the Wal-Mart web site and have it shipped to your son. You can purchase a gift card for him and send it him, or you can send him money through one of our money services. But you can't buy an item and have us ship it via a Wal-Mart truck. It is just not possible."

"But I know what I saw. Why are you saying you don't know what your own company does?"

ME: "Ma'am. Like I said before, you can order from the Web site and have items shipped to your local store -- but that is only available in a few areas. It is NOT available here."

She pops off again, really angry this time and acting like I'm lying to her: "I just don't know why this is so hard. I didn't see anything about that and I'm not stupid. I can read and I know what I saw."

ME: "Ma'am, do you know where on the Web site you saw this?" And I turn right around and bring up the Web site on the computer.

ME: "Ma'am. Right here. And I show here the page on the Web site where they talk about the Site to Store program. And where it specifically mentions Texas and California as pilot programs. NOWHERE DOES IT MENTION THE STATE I WORK IN.

Does this cow apologize? NO. "Oh, I must have misunderstood."

Huh. I misunderstood too. I though I was talking to someone WHO WAS NOT STUPID AND KNEW WHAT THEY READ!


grundes said...

I love how people say "I know what I saw". Makes all these centuries of philosophical discussion about the essence of reality so... pointless?

Oh and it must be fun to have no doubts, ever. Hardwired, predetermined petite bourgeoisie fun.

inspectorguy said...

Spork...old hag...eye...we've already covered how this works on the last posts comments.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the time I had someone argue with me over change, they wanted to know how I arrived at the amount I did. I said I used the amount given me and the amount due. She got really full of herself saying she was an accountant and wanted to know just how I did that. I gave her my best dumbass look and said I subtracted.

Of course then she began screaming that she was brain damaged, she had been in a car wreak and was being made fun of.

yellowdog granny said...

my Goddess, you are a saint..I would have reached across the counter and bipped her right up side her empty head..

Chunes said...

You can access from the computer at your service desk? :>

MavenofMoxie said...

She pops off and gets worked up fast. "Yes you do. I saw it on You can go to any store, pay for an item, and have it shipped to another store for free! I know you have this and want to ship a toolbox to my son in Virginia

What a stupid idiot! (Wait! people will now moan about those references...these days 'stupid' and 'fat' are the two new protected classes.)

That doesn't even make logical sense, at all. Then again, never mind...that's asking too much.

Do people THINK before they open their gaping pie holes? Never mind...

Spork Patrol in full force...

Anonymous said...

Fabulous. This is like being a librarian and having people insist that I request a book that they "just saw on TV this morning" but have no inkling of a title, author, or sometimes even a subject. I love the public! (rolls eyes).

jaded said...

Like the self check out register, should require one to pass an intelligence test before they can use it. Stupidity and technology do not mix.

Anonymous said...

If it is anything like my computer at sams club there is an internal link straight to the website.

Anonymous said...

Chunes, there's a link on the Wire.