Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wife swapping

There are always some strange ducks who come to send money. We're pretty sure that we've had some people who've been caught in those African money scams - there's really no other reason to send $3,000 to Nigeria is there?

About the only place I've never sent money is Australia.

And I've had to figure out all kinds of things, like "I've got $XX dollars - how much can I send?" or "I don't have a reference number and I don't know who sent me money." People want to send money to their loved ones' prison accounts, but MoneyGram doesn't do that.

But this one took the cake.

This guy came in with a young chick on his arm (under 18). (and he was hot - I'd have totally done him) Turns out he's sending money to the EX-WIFE.

He starts asking questions. "Do I have to put down my address? I don't want her to know my address." I tell him all the person receiving the money see is his phone number and his name.

I tell him that if he's so concerned about security - put a fake phone number but to make sure the person receiving the money gets right receive code. "Oh, she knows my phone man. I just don't want her knowing where I live."

He's still worried - so now he asks "Can I use the store address?" Dude, you are SERIOUSLY paranoid of the ex-wife.

I don't really care, so I told him to use the store address. Then, when I start the MoneyGram - he's sent her money before - USING HIS HOME ADDRESS. Obviously, security just became a recent concern - maybe because of the new Mrs. Grenville. (anyone remember that old TV movie?)

So I send the money off using the store address. I still can't figure out exactly what that's all about. A subpoena maybe? Or other legal papers?


Anonymous said...

If you suspect they are caught in a scam don't you question them? I just seems so sad to send money for someone who is getting scammed.

Anonymous said...

the sad thing that maybe he doesn't realize (other than the fact that he's *already* used his home address) is that if she knows his phone number, most likely she can easily pull up his address with his phone number on the internet...

Greg said...

Maybe he used A home address before, but now he has a NEW one. You know, with the new tartlet. And the reverse phone number lookup doesn't work so well with cell phones, which is probably all the ex would have.