Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Row, row, row, Rogaine your boat

Sometimes you just get one of those "whatever" moments.

In the midst of all the fun that is a Friday night, one middle-aged white guy rolled in to Customer Service with his son in tow. Cute kid, didn't yell, scream, act stupid or try to play games with the hiring computer.

Suburban father with a kid trying to return something. No major trouble here.

Then Daddy Dearest pulls a container of Rogaine out of a Wal-Mart bag and starts fishing around in his wallet for a receipt.

And he says "This didn't help me at all."

I didn't break out laughing, but man, it was hard.

I look at the Rogaine. I try to remember if we can or cannot return that stuff and can't think of ever returning any before. I can't remember anything that says we CAN'T return it, so I figure "give it a try and see what happens."

There's nothing that comes up on the register, so I return it and give him his money back.

Then I can't help myself. I had greeted the man, but then I have to actually look at his hairline to see just how bald he was -- and he caught me looking.

White man was going bald -- and bald early. Big bad receeding hairline. But the brother should have given the Rogaine more than ten days to work -- doesn't it take like at least a month or something?


Alissa said...

Oh man. That's so embarrassing. What balls, though, to actually RETURN it. I bet most guys would just sheepishly shove it to the bottom of the outside trashcan, carefully cover it up with other garbage and pretend like he never bought it in the first place.

This is the first time I've posted but I've been reading your blog for about a month or two now. I just wanted to let you know that I totally love it and think you're hilarious and I hope you keep it up! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Be nice to us baldies ...

Anonymous said...

I have done this exact same thing at Walmart.. for some reason the Rogain burned my scalp, so I returned it.. if it was in the $5 range I don't think I would have, but it was 20 freaking dollars..

Erik said...

Yeh - more than 10 days is certainly required. Something like 3 months is suggested before you can really notice any difference. AND tests show (and this is mentioned in the documentation in the box) that it only works on the back and crown of the head...it almost never works on a receding hairline at the front of the scalp.

It works for some...not for others. Yes, I gave it a go myself, but gave up after a couple of years and chose to embrace my hairloss as a way to make it easier to style. :)

Red Stapler said...

And Patrick Stewart has proven that yes, you can go bald with style and grace.