Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The smell that conqured Wal-Mart

Well, apparently the bait cooler went down Thursday afternoon. No one noticed until Sunday, when they opened it up. The smell was enough to knock birds from the sky.

All the worms, frozen shrimp and whatnot all had gone bad. No one noticed. Thousands of dollars gone in four days.

They had to open up the entirety of receiving and all the doors on the General Merchandise and Grocery sides and try to get the smell out. It didn't work.

All the girls that worked in the clothing section were complaining because of the smell. Oddly enough, the customers didn't really care. I didn't get one complaint, perhaps because they didn't really stay in one spot too long - they shopped and then stood in line!

They had to send all the associates who worked in that side of the store somewhere else. The girl who works at the fabric table came into the break room as green as grass with her hand over her mouth gagging. I thought she was going to hurl right on the table. One of the assistant managers had to walk her to the front and get her some air. I think she wound up going home early.

I saw the Sporting Goods manager and three Assistant managers trying to figure out what to do. I think they finally got a bunch of male associates together and drug it out back and dumped it out. Still, it stank to high heavens up in there.

And to make the smell worse, some fool man returned a gas mower up to the service desk. He pretty much just dumped the gas out in the parking lot, then rolled it right in. I though the fumes were going to kill me. I told him "Look, could you please just roll it outside the Service Desk area? The gas fumes are going to hurt my customers. He gave me a real dirty look, but he did it."


Anonymous said...

And no way in H*** would they consider closing down the store!!! Talk about gagging a maggot on a gut wagon. Shut the down, send the associates home and let the "management" deal with it.

Rob the Webkahunah said...

I can actually imagine the scent... as there were two pounds of shrimp in my freezer before hurricane Katrina. When I returned home a month later, the smell was enough to penatrate the breathing mask I had smeared with vapo-rub. I will never forget that stench as long as I live. Many of my neighbors didn't even bother to try to clean their fridges... they just duct taped them closed, spray painted "do not open" on them and dragged them out to the curb.

I'm surprised wal-mart didn't close because of this... it is considered a biohazard, and customers could sue for being exposed to it.

Lindsay said...

gag! gag! gag! I can just imagine how raunchy all that ruined sh*t was!!!
it is making me gag just thinking about it!
So sorry you had to deal with the smell!

peacemongermom said...

Just so's you know - I got this far:

Well, apparently the bait cooler went down Thursday afternoon.

And could go no further. O. MI. GAWD.

I am so glad that I NEVER worked in a wm near a *real* fishing area.

Wow. Now to go read the real heinousness. :)