Monday, August 14, 2006

Natural Light for dummies

I actually had a good laugh Sunday night. Which was good. It was the only laugh I had at all during a HORRIBLE day.

This horribly nasty man wandered around the store for a while in a pair of flip-flops, shorts and with his shirt open all the way unbuttoned. Every time someone asked him to button it, he would, then unbutton it the second they walked away.

He bought a suitcase of Natural Light and a pair of socks. I don't know why. Socks with flip-flops is so passe!

Well, as we figured out later from the cart guy who saw him putting the beer in the cooler in his truck, he dropped the suitcase of Natural Light about 3/4 of the way through loading the beer in his cooler. But we didn't know this at the time.

We think he had a beer in the interim, then stomped back up to the Service Desk and demanded to have a new suitcase of beer to replace the "defective" cans of beer that were at the bottom of the mostly empty box he brought back in.

The other associate looked at him, look at the six cans of beer in the box and called for a supervisor. The supervisors came, and then he started yelling at them that this beer was "defective" and the he wanted a new suitcase of Natural Light. Well, that's all anybody really wanted to deal with on a nutty Sunday, and he wasn't making any sense at this point anyway, so they called a manager.

The manager comes up and sees the guy waving around a can of beer and a package of socks and goes "Now what's going on here?"

The guy, who has apparently sobered up a bit, actually explains that the cans of beer were damaged (although he doesn't say that HE dropped them) and that he wants some non-damaged cans. So a deal is brokered for six new cans of Natural Light.

When the supervisor gets back with a new suitcase of Natural Light that we open up and take six undamaged cans out of of, I show him the cans and go "Take you pick champ."

He picks out six cans and we put the six old cans in there and tape up the case. I tell him I need his drivers license. He wants to know why. I tell him that he's exchanging defective beer for non-defective beer. Then he tells us that he has the receipt AND HAS HAD IT ALL ALONG!!

So we could have avoided this entire drama if the guy had A) not been drinking cheap beer and B) not acted a fool and said "I dropped my suitcase of beer. Can I exchange the busted one for a new one?"

But no, he has to be a drunk fool. Beer do not make you funny or smart.


Lindsay said...

Natty Light makes people more ignorant then they are already for buying the sh*t beer!

Rob the Webkahunah said...

Could have been worse... he could have drank all the beer and then claimed it was defective because it failed to get him drunk :)

Anonymous said...

The fool better consider himself lucky you did not call the police. He could have been arrested for public drunkness, driving under the influence,and just being a "s**a**". Next time call the cops and don't let him drive.

MiKell said...

Beer do not make you funny or smart.

But it do make the process enjoyable.