Friday, August 04, 2006

The Mysterious Case of the Vanishing Receipt

I actually got a clever one Sunday night - and for once - mostly because I was bone-tired - I let this one go by.

This couple was returning a lot of home furnishings. They were talking about how they were furnishing their new house. They had a couple of bags of stuff and handed me three receipts.

I looked and one of those receipts was from March. I told them I couldn't take that stuff back. They said fine and blamed their mother-in-law for not bringing it back earlier.

OK. I'm doing the return and the wife asks "Can you return stuff without a receipt?" She's a smart one! I look at what she has and it's a curtain rod and a curtain. Grand total of $11. So I let that one go by under the radar.

The merchandise wasn't opened. It hadn't been used. It had probably sat in a closet or something for four months. We could sell it again.

Most of the time, people trying to return stuff on old receipts have pretty much used the merchandse into the ground before they return it, or like with clothes, the stuff is now discounted to like $3 or $5.

So I bent a rule Sunday night - only just a little.


Holy said...

i love you blog. i discovered it a few days ago and since then all my free time has been dedicated to your archives. i just had one question, what happened with burrito boy? how did he get that name, i guess i havent gotten that far back yet.

holy said...

hey, just had a thought, you should write a book. the guy at waiter rant did. you can too! then you wouldnt have to worry about your debts. lol

Someone in USA said...

In this case, bending the rules was the correct decision any way you look at it.