Monday, July 31, 2006

Frozen fish

I love how people think frozen fish is cheap. It isn't.

Every weekend for a while now I've returned at least one package of this frozen tilapia we sell.

You see, some people buy the frozen tilapia thinking it is cheaper than the fresh tilapia. Well, it may be cheaper, but not when you buy a humongous bag.

This young Hispanic couple brought up a Wal-Mart bag that had THREE bags of the frozen fish in it.

"We want return this," they said in broken English, "it too much."

I looked at the receipt and it was $17.59 apiece. Is too much indeed.

The total refund was $52.77. I wonder what they saw when that bill came up at the register? Aye dios mio!


Anonymous said...

What is Walmart's policy on returning stuff that is supposed to stay frozen and gets returned?there is no way to know if it has been kept frozen.

Anonymous said...

man, I saw that stuff in walmart the other day and I was wondering why they had it for that price. I just moved from California where they had 99 cent only stores and you could get that fist for 99 cents for a medium bag.

paulo said...

I return stuff for the same reason all the time. Nobody ever taught me how to read a price tag, so it's a total mystery to me until after I pay.

matt said...

damn. how big are the bags?

Anonymous said...

I think we need to teach most customers that the price tag is right under the item. Not above, to the left, to the right, not the sign in big bold letters 2 shelves up thats on sale, but right under it!