Tuesday, July 18, 2006

But I've done it before

"But I've done it before."

This is one of my all time favorite cop-out attempt from people trying to get their way. This has several benefits. One, it is usually not proveable in the negative, i.e., we can't PROVE that you didn't get your way. Moreover, calling your bluff basically means that I'm calling you a liar, which is a rather dicey proposition - one that can get REAL ugly REAL fast.

Polite is the only way to deal with these. Polite and basically quote the rules verbatim. I'm good at this.


This guy comes in. He's got one of those remote control boats. Those things never work — BECAUSE IT COST $14 AND IT IS MADE IN CHINA PEOPLE! What do you expect? If you want good stuff, you've got to go to Sharper Image!

Anyway. He doesn't have the receipt. I tell him he can get store credit and that I need his drivers license.

He goes "I'd like to get cash if I can." I tell him "I'm sorry sir, but without your receipt, I can't give you cash back on this item."

Him: "Well, I've done it before."
Me: "Sir, it is a company policy that without your receipt, we give you a store credit for the item."
Him: "Well, I've done it before. I'm from Ohio."
Me: "Sir, without the receipt, you're only going to be able to get a credit."
Him: "Well, I want to talk to a manager. I've gotten cash before."

The manager on duty happened to be nearby. I go tell him what happened. The first thing he said was "This ain't Ohio."

One of the supervisors came up there and told him he could get credit or nothing.

He took the credit and left.

I had another guy Sunday night return an expensive video game for a cheaper one. He didn't have a receipt, so I put the balance due on a shop card. He balked at that, saying "I don't live here."

I shot right back at him: "Sir, there's a Wal-Mart in every state in the country!"

He shut up and left too!


The dykes next door said...

I used to work retail too. It's funny how people will try anything to get what they want. And get indignant when you won't let them. The thing is that somewhere along the way, somebody let them have their way, and so they think that if they get loud and insist, you'll give in. Idiots!

The dykes next door said...

The reason I found your blog is that I was looking for people who are also interested in Dead Like Me. Check out my blog...I just did a post about the Sci Fi Channel showing Dead Like Me.

solar said...

Stuff at Sharper Image isn't any better than the stuff you sell at Wal-Mart, the only differeance is that SI marks up junky merchandise 120%. Even consumer reports said that the air purifier they sell was junk and produced way to much ozone.

MavenofMoxie said...

I absolutely LOVE people who make such ridiculous and pointless arguments. The fact that this customer is from Ohio has nothing to do with anything. I would have told him so. Then I would have followed it up with, What you should have said, at least if you cared anything about making sense, was, "Im from Ohio and a store there allowed me to do this.".
However, the obvious problem with making statements such as this is that they are completely and totally lost on the average Wal-Mart customer.