Monday, July 10, 2006

And down will come bra, nipple and all

Now, I'm fairly down if women want to breast-feed in Wal-Mart. I've even posted about it and I know it's a federal law that women can breast-feed pretty much about anywhere.

However, what happened Sunday night does not fall under the category of breast feeding.

This is how it fell out. Literally.

I got stranded at Customer Service because it got crazy-busy on Sunday night after the World Cup ended. There were even managers on registers, so help me God!

I've got this huge line, and then I hear two girls cackling like one just laid an egg. I look around the woman I'm helping at the minute (she's returning a pair of jeans) and I see this girl LOWER HER SHIRT AND THEN HER BRA. She's showing this guy either a tattoo or a new nipple piercing.

And then she goes "Isn't it the greatest?"

Now, she didn't even bother to try to get her friend to cover it up. She probably flashed Register 14 & Register 12, if anyone was bothering to look. I was at just the wrong angle to actually see the nipple, but I sure as hell saw her bra down around her fat roll on her stomach.

The woman who I was helping saw me looking, turned around and then got this huge "O" expression on her mouth. I could tell she was thinking "Um, like, did that just go down like I thought it did?"

And then the crack whores get up to the counter and sure enough, they've got more than a hundred dollars of software with no receipt. I wasn't aware that tattoo parlors were taking Wal-Mart shop cards as payment now ...


Marie said...

As a general rule, I believe breasts are pretty dang nifty. But that? Blech. Some breasts should never be scene outside the confines of an intimate relationship.

Anonymous said...

Hi Me Again!UMMM Just wonder if an undercover cop would have busted her for indecent exposure?? Especially if there were underage kids around. OH WELL Some people are just dirty trash anyway.

The Pessimists said...

You had me in the beginning until I got to, "but I sure as hell saw her bra down around her fat roll on her stomach." That's when I realized the story just wasn't what I wanted it to be ;-) Keep it up!

Rob the Webkahunah said...

maybe it's just my New Orelans mentality, but I would have just handed her some beads with her shop card and let it go :)

FARfetched said...

Why is it always the skanky ones that expose themselves, dangit???

Anonymous said...

Geesh...I can see it's just not my store that brings in the trash. It's every where. Walmart has become trash heaven. And to think we allow it. Low prices for our low class shopers.