Sunday, May 28, 2006

You don't even know what you bought?

This woman comes in with a receipt today. I know. She "forgot" stuff. Then I look at the top. THIS IS NOT OUR STORE.

Now, if you "forget" stuff, you have to go back to the store you "forgot" it at and get it. Most Wal-Marts record the stuff and make you prove that you forgot it. Ours, where we're just happy the cashiers don't hand out free money along with the groceries, we're like "You forgot a bag? You want to go get the stuff or you want a store credit?"

But you still have to go to the Wal-Mart you forgot the stuff at. That isn't good enough for this chica. She claims she talked to "Heghe" - yes, that's how she spelled it - at that store and he told her to come to our store and we'd "take care of her." Yeah, right.

I call that store and I'm like "let me talk to which ever manager who's name starts with an H." I get xxxxxx. It did at least resemble "heghe." Chica-Chica needs to work on her English though. And this fool manager tells me to "take care of the customer and charge it back to his store." And the &%$#&$&$# then hangs up!

So I'm left staring at this woman, who wants $12 in stuff, and I don't know what to do. She doesn't have the merchandise for me to refund — and she's not budging.

And she keeps repeating "but I'm going to shop 'here' today." Well I really don't care. You shopped "THERE" last week. If it was convenient for you to shop, it should have been convenient for you to go get the stuff YOU left in your buggy.

Thank goodness a kind manageress came up and explained the whole thing. And then told me that doing this sort of thing was "frowned upon." She asked me who I spoke to. She wrote that down, attached it to the slip, signed HER name and told me who to take it to in the back so that the correct store/person was charge.

And then, what made this so surreal, the manager at the other store told the woman that she was supposed to just get the merchandise from our store. I told her to just go get the stuff and come up to my counter. And she goes "I forgot what I got. I don't remember. Can you tell me?"

I'm like "Ma'am, I don't know what you bought. There are only 22 items here. If you don't remember 4 of them ... " And I let that sentence hang. And I gave her a nasty look, like "You stupid cow." Then I said, "You're going to have to take a store credit ma'am, if you can't remember what you bought."

Stupid, stupid woman. Stupid, stupid manager. This is the reason Wal-Mart will ultimately fail. They really do not take care of the pennies of the business.

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Anonymous said...

Im so with you on the pennies thing. Seriously walmart is STUPID when it comes to that. Im a cashier and let me run down "returns" ...

Customer walks up to pay for items, and either because they dont want it, there card was declined or they dont have enough money they have to return some items. Wich if it is dry goods/merchandice no problem it gets reshelved. Well here is the kicker my dumass day managers will not let you put up frozen stuff, they say just put it under the register. OK so walmart would rather claim out 100's of dollars in meat, and other perishables than a CSM take it back or the cashier. Lets see two seconds or twenty bucks.. gee I wish I had money to burn like walmart does.