Sunday, May 21, 2006

High on helium

My supervisor came up to the Service Desk Saturday and asked me to take a quick trip to Layaway. I pulled my till and went back there. I did a cancellation and an extension. I was just about to leave when this woman pulled up.

I asked her if she needed a layaway. "No, I want you to blow up these balloons," she barked at me. Oooooookaaaaaaaaay. "Have you purchased the balloons yet ma'am?" And then she goes, "No. You don't have what I want."

So she just wants to use our helium, our ribbon, and our time, and get free balloons. "I'm sorry ma'am, we can't do this for you." And then she goes, "Well, Publix always takes care of me." WELL GO TO PUBLIX THEN.

I still wasn't done with the balloons then. Right after that, another woman showed up with an eight-pack and ribbon - so I had to do all that for her. MY GOD. I was near-bout high from sniffing all that helium.

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