Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Black Friday at Wal-Mart

Jesus. I barely made it out alive.

I worked the late shift on last year's "Black Friday," so I did not get the full craziness that the morning hours entail. Well, I got a full blast of it last Friday.

Seeing as how I was one of the only people that knew Layaway, guess where I got stuck. Yep. I did $18,500 in layaway sales, (that's the the total dollar amount of stuff people put on layaway) from 5 a.m. - 1 p.m. It was insane. Between the three of us, we did $40,000 in half a day. And it kept on going all night. I think someone from the office said that we have nearly half a million in merchandise on layaway right now.

Wal-Mart had these really super cheap Packard-Bell computers on sale for $398 and some laptops for $400-something. You would have thought these crappy computers were the second coming of Christ. People were rioting back in Electronics and I heard managers screaming over the radio to call a sheriff's deputy. Some woman in a rush for a computer knocked over a toddler, and two other women got in a fight over a portable DVD player.

HELLO! If you get a portable DVD player for $68, IT ISN'T GOING TO LAST THAT LONG ANYWAY!

We have hit the Christmas season at full blast.


FARfetched said...

That's one reason I try to steer clear of shopping on Black Friday or even the following Saturday. The word is "try." I needed a new pair of tennis shoes, and got a pair of Reeboks from the Reebok outlet for $20.

I know what you mean about those Packard-Bells. They used to be fairly decent computers, back in the 486 days. The question is whether the computer itself will flake out before all the spyware will wreck the OS. My money is on the spyware.

just2tired said...

I just found your blog-great job.
I used to be a retail manager and district manager. These damn fools are everywhere-
Years ago, I had a woman return underware-used,nasty underware-to the store I worked at. I wouldn't touch them- they were filthy- she hadn't even washed them. I got out my hazmat kit(in front of her and others) put the gloves on, then picked them up and put them in a plastic bag. She blew a gasket. I would not apologize. I would give her back money, but I am not going to pretend that what she did didn't disgust me. Finally another customer told her off-that SHE didn't want to be around her bodily fluids then told her to "be gone". I loved that.

Anonymous said...

znalkThe computers were Hewlett-Packard not Packard-Bell.....