Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hello, my name is Katrina

Well, Tropical Storm Katrina is nearing. I'm on the backside, on Florida's southwest coast, but we will likely get rain, wind and the assorted hurricane effects.

As well, thanks to the multi-talented folks at Florida Power & Light, I will likely lose power for some or all of the weekend. These are the good folks who've promised not to raise rates, but coerced the state yesterday into allowing "surcharges" to recoup the cost of hurricane recovery.

Now, either get insurance, or take that as a cost of doing business in Florida. "Surcharges" are just disguised rate increases. My electricity bill already runs more than $100 a month during the summer even though I leave the A/C off when I'm not home. (I confess, I do chill that place like an icebox at night though, I can't sleep when I'm hot.)

RetailPlanet wasn't too bad today. I did paperwork for a while, then some more paperwork.

Answer me this. If you're sending money, don't you usually send it to the right person? Twice in the past three days we've had people come and ask to reverse a MoneyGram because they "sent it to the wrong person."

One man just handed me the phone while this hussy was yelling about how he needed to send it to someone else because, and I quote "my momma don't want me running off to Florida with no man, so she won't get the money for me. What he need to do to get me that money?"

OH MY JESUS! And if you'd seen this guy, he was hardly a prince. More like a frog. And he was only sending her $80. I hope that Greyhound ride from Georgia wasn't too bad. She probably had plenty of padding in the rear end!

But really. If you're sending money - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SEND IT TO THE CORRECT PERSON! All that does is make it more work for us. We have to call MoneyGram, get them to reverse the transaction, do a Receive Money, cash that money order and then get you to do a new send with that money. Geez.

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