Sunday, August 21, 2005

Back from vacation

Yes, I'm finally back. I spent nine HELLACIOUS hours in the Atlanta airport AFTER THE SHOPS HAD CLOSED sitting on a bench staring at a fat man in a Dallas cowboys jersey/shirt and wondering why the gods were punishing me after I had such a wonderful time in San Diego. I couldn't even browse the duty-free aisle. THERE WAS NOTHING TO DO BUT WHAT THE FAT MAN BREATHE. IT WAS HELL!

The highlights are too numerous to mention. Drank a lot. Smoked even more. Went to a ghetto street fair. Got fantastic Mexican food. Bought a cool silver ring. Cute boys everywhere. Learned never to eat a chorizo burrito - ever! And now I'm back to my sad reality.


phoenix said...

It is flippin 4:00am (TX time) and I have found my new crack. You slay remind me of my old friend Adam--we used to go to Olive Garden and dish dirt back in the day. Now I feel old and decrepit, too. Wasted purpose. I've found "myself" now, too, alright. Which gets me thinking...I have tales...I work at a daycare center...A Christian one...On the "better" side of town...I've got ideas already...but I REALLY need to go to bed. My own ankle-biters wake up in a few short hours. You go, boy. Damn the Man!!! (Save the Empire!!)

FARfetched said...

Welcome back! Here's hoping you don't have to set foot in Walmart for another day or two.

I think in your shoes, I'd have grabbed a MARTA train out of the airport and done a little sight-seeing. Nine freeking hours? Ugh. I like airports, but that's just a bit over the top.