Saturday, March 05, 2005

Why argue with me?

There are some customers that would argue with a tree if it would argue back. They know that if they pitch a big enough fit, they'll eventually get what they want. Well, I finally won one of the battles today, or at least fought the man to a draw.

This customer comes in with a DVD. It is a season set of a TV show. He claims the DVD case is cracked, which it is. He wants his money back, cash in this case. I politely explain our "No refunds on opened CDs/DVDs" policy and tell him that he can get another copy of the DVD set for exchange.

This earns me a tirade of abuse. "That's not what I told you I wanted. This one is broken. I don't want another one. I've had problems with other discs. I've got ten minutes to get to work. I want a manager. I want my money back."

In the middle of all this, I realize that he's watched all the episodes and probably cracked the case himself to bring the thing back. And I realize that he's not going away. Finally, I tell him that there's no way he's getting cash back, and that he's going to have to take it on a shop card. He shuts up and takes it. Which is more or less cash, although at least he'll buy something else in the store. Although that's such a dirty trick to pull - buy a season of TV on DVD, watch it all, then return it and scream at someone untill they finally give up. What a tool!

  • Another woman tried to wire money to Cuba today. Um, NO, you can't do that.

  • Someone else wanted to know how you sent money to someone incarcerated at a correctional facility. She claimed that some relative or something had done it at another Wal-Mart "up North" and wanted to know why we couldn't do it. I'd never heard of this, and all she had was some stuff scribbled on the back of an envelope. Here's a life lesson: It is never good news if an inmate is involved!
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    Anonymous said...

    dude, the secret to winning an "argument" is to NOT argue. that's right! just state the policy, and repeat. as far as i'm concerned, the policy is the policy. cause if you start being too lenient to one person, then the next person will know, and the chain reaction starts. i used to work at hmv, and i never put up with that "returning opened cds" bullshit! if it's opened and they want a refund, i assume they've already burnt themselves a copy. so no!!! sneaky bastards. grrrrr.