Friday, March 18, 2005

Resist the urge to steal

Some fool (allegedly) tried to shoplift a cell phone CASE today. Not a cell phone (which has happened) but an $8 fake leather cell phone case. They called me over to the Loss Prevention office, asked "Can you get a training receipt on this?" and shut the door.

We have to print out training receipts (the register is in training mode, so it doesn't show up as a "real" transaction) for purposes of showing what was allegedly taken, how much it cost, etc. So I had to book it back to the Connection Center, make the salesgirls back there go through the phone accessories (a whole freaking wall of them), find the exact one the dude tried to nab, hijack a register, get two receipts out of it and then go all the way back to the front of the store with these two receipts. Jeez.

And then there was this old guy in a wheelchair cart who we think was trying to pull a scam by putting stuff in the battery pack of his wheelchair. Will they stop at nothing!!!!!

It rained ALL day today, so of course customers came out in droves. Real nut jobs today too. The argumentative types seemed to come out of the woodwork. They argued about coupons. "She didn't take my coupons off." "Where's my 35 cents off pineapples?"

They argued back in Layaway. I was back there for 20 minutes. This one woman apparently went through the store checking to see if what she'd put on layaway had been marked down, then argued over every penny of the price adjustments. The poor girl had only been in layaway for a few weeks and hadn't been fully trained yet, so she didn't know that the register does the price adjustment automatically. But this heifer-woman was screaming and calculating and going "that's just not right, I think it should be less."

She got hers though. One thing she'd put on layaway had been subject to a recall in the meantime, so she couldn't get it. Ohhh. Hopping mad. Serves her right. And she made us bag everything instead of just taking it out in the boxes.

I kind of wanted to go to the movies tomorrow - no Wal-Mart for me! - "Constantine" intrigues me, but I just don't think I can move. And has anyone seen the trailer for "Sin City." It looks cool.


Anonymous said...

Nope, sorry lady, it's security reasons that you have to keep it in the box. Ask them up front, they'll let you have bags.

In addition, it didn't used to automatically do a price adjustment. That's rather new.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the old guy trying to rip you off with the wheelchair, we used to have this women who would come in with her baby and she would try to stash things under the poor kid or in the bay under it's seat 'cause it was low enough the electronic tag reader didn't always pick it up.

Sad people these days.