Saturday, February 19, 2005

Today's fun and games

Today wasn't bad, it was just ... strange, long, exhausting and very, very tiring. Let's do a highlight list.

  • A customer at the service desk wanted to return a package of beef tips and gravy, "because it only had three beef tips." All they brought in was the package. We refused her because we don't do returns without the merchandise. Hopping mad. She finally argued a manager down, then admitted she didn't have a receipt. Whatever.
  • Spent 45 minutes on the phone with Bank of America customer service so a customer could buy $500 worth of bullets back in Sporting Goods. Wonder who he was mad at?
  • Managers come up to demand that we open up more registers, then leave without doing anything to help. We could up more if you'd HIRE MORE PEOPLE and STOP CHANGING SCHEDULES to give people the weekends off.
  • Who returns nine skeins of yarn?
  • Some old people tried to scam a $300 welder for $97. They told the cashier it had been "marked down." Any price override more than $10 requires a key and override numbers, which only supervisors have. I go over, and they say that the welder has been reduced. I ask how much. The cashier tells me that they're telling her it has been marked down from $274 to $97. I look at these people, then tell them that I just have to check on that. In the 20 seconds it takes me to walk up to the phone at the service desk, they're gone. In a moment of curiousity, I go back to Automotive. The thing has been reduced from $274 to $199.97, but it sure isn't $97. The telling thing is that they scrammed when they got called on the fib. The things people will try to get away with!
  • And best of all, I personally had a cashier try to steal a $100 bill from my podium, the place where we make change. She came up, said she need to take $100 in ones, fives and tens to Register #8. That's fine, they can get change for each other, especially when someone is busy with a big line or something. I got the money and told her to re-count it. She slapped the money down on top of a hundred I had in one of the panels of the drawer and counted it. When she picked it up, she picked up the $100 too. I saw what she was doing, stopped her and told her to give the hundred back. She started with the attitude then. She said "That's the hundred I brought you." Umm, NO IT WASN'T! Sadly, this was one I had actually trusted too. The audacity of these girls never ceases to amaze me!
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    Anonymous said...

    wal-mart is beginning to sound a lot like hell. or at least a breeding-ground for the hell-bound, lol. not you of course. you just deserve a raise.