Saturday, February 12, 2005

Things returned today

This was one of my personal favorites. These two burly gentlemen come in, plop a rather full plastic Wal-mart bag up on the customer service desk and then hand me a nasty, wet and smelly receipt. "We don't like this meat. There's too much fat on it. We want our $17.33 back."

Now, I had to go to the Service desk because two people called off, I had a shattering headache because I'd been dealing with customers all morning, and then I get a literal bag of meat that someone returns because they don't want it anymore. And I've got this slimy receipt in my hand. I very nearly fell out.

What to do? Give this fool his $17.33 back and throw the bag of meat back into Grocery Claims.

What else? Two cashiers nearly came to blows over the price of peppers. Habanero vs. Poblano - the great debate of our time.

Who knew two tiny little Haitian and Thai girls could go at it like that over four dollars worth of vegetables. The whole thing was over whether to ring these things up as Habanero or Poblano peppers. It is a different produce code number, which led to my favorite line of the whole debate - "you just take your Chinese number and shove it! I know I right!" All this while customers were just taking in the scene like it was Shakespeare or something.

What else got returned today?
  • Half a bottle of cough syrup - because it "didn't work"
  • Drapery panels, because they "didn't go"
  • A garden hose, because "the wife didn't want it"
  • A frozen pizza, because "it wouldn't fit in the RV fridge"
  • Six white cotton T-shirts, with the tags removed. I still can't figure out why.
  • Batteries, because "we don't need this kind"
  • Pet beds, because "the dogs don't like this kind"
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    Anonymous said...

    did you hear that wal-mart closed down a union-ized store in Quebec? *shakes head*

    -- djc