Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Opening day

So I survived eight hours of Grand Opening at Wal-Mart on a cash register. It was tough. People screamed. The bags stuck together and I thought I was going insane but I survived. It was also an enourmous rush of adrenaline too.

The entire day was one long rush of "no one knows what the frell they are doing so we're just making it up as we go" type of thing. Customers getting more and more agitated as the lines get longer and longer. What did they expect when the parking lot is so full that people were parking on the grass? Geez!

I got stuck on the speedy checkout lane for two hours and a woman came through with a whole buggy load. All the old people in line started screaming at her and then at me. I had to call a manager over to try and calm them down. Then a guy in one of those wheelchair carts rolled by and started giving everyone grief and then started really getting loud. It was a total circus. If I hadn't been so busy, I might have laughed.

And the best part, I'm due back in about seven hours. Peace out!

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